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The Can Van – Wineries explore new opportunities with mobile canning

Wine Business Monthly – October 2017

The Can Van affords Northern California wineries the opportunity to experiment with cans, allowing winemakers to expand their wine programs and increase sales.

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Here's how smaller local breweries – like Urban Roots – can their beer

The Sacramento Bee – January 29, 2019

Watch the beer canning process performed by The Can Van at Urban Roots Brewing in Sacramento.

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Pint can craze owes a bit of thanks to Sacramento's Can Van

The Sacramento Bee – February 7, 2019

If you're thinking of a local beer in a can, that image was likely made possible by Sacramento's Can Van, the unsung heroes of Northern California's craft beer scene who waited years for cans to become cool.

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The 16-oz. Beer Can: A Cold One That's a Hot One

The New York Times – November 8, 2018

A close look at the 16oz can because you know you're seeing them everywhere.

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The Van Behind the Cans

The Full Pint – November 1, 2018

What's the most significant change in craft beer over the last few years? It's not a beer style, and it's not a brewery buy-out. It's canning.

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Amid Craft Brew Boom, Mobile Beer Canning Business Is Crushing It

The Sacramento Bee – October 1, 2015

Herrema and Coyle mastered the technical elements of canning early on, instilling confidence in the brewers who closely monitored their work in those initial canning runs.

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Jenn Coyle, CEO of The Can Van

Beer Advocate – October 2014

When Anchor Brewery needed its California Lager canned in a hurry before their own canning equipment was installed, they dialed The Can Van.

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The Can Van: Mobile Canning for Craft Beer

SanJose.com – July 18, 2018

As the first-ever mobile canning service for craft breweries, the Can Van brings professional canning equipment and expertise to small-scale brewers from Santa Cruz up to Redding and everywhere in between.

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Canning Craft Beer and Hard Cider: To Go Mobile or Purchase a System?

The Equipped Brewer

Breweries are able to get their beer in cans when they need to, without sitting on idle equipment when they don't need it.

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How good is canned wine?

Decanter – December 17, 2018

'We wanted to show that you can put high-end wines in alternative packaging, and that they taste exactly same as they would coming from a bottle,' explains Gina Schober from Sans Wine.

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Tasting notes: Canned wine

San Francisco Chronicle – January 24, 2018

Steely whites and light rosés aren't the only wines appearing in cans these days. You can find everything from Champagne-method Pinot Noir to tannic Petite Sirah.

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Wine in a can: Convenient, exciting and eco-friendly, not uptight and snooty

The Sacramento Bee – May 23, 2017

Younger wine enthusiasts are grabbing cans for parties, picnics, camping, cycling and other outdoor activities, vintners say.

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